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Police Pistol Team




Range Closure


The range re-opened on Sunday 10/27/13 at noon with new backstops, curtains, refurbished Caswell system, HVAC system, painted floors and more.

Check the google calendar for scheduled target service.

April. 15, 2014

Northern NJ Police Revolver League summer league starts 6:00pm see Revolver League tab on left for details

Welcome to the Riverdale range website. Please bear with us while we update the look and functionality of the site.

Many of the links will not be functional for a bit...

Thurs, April 10


We will be holding our GSSF practice shoots this spring on Thurs nights from April 10 to May 29, 2014

(8 nights) See GSSF tab on left for details

To all Members and Associate Members:

The Indoor Riverdale NRA Pistol Leagues needs your help.

We need 4 or 6 reliable persons to volunteer to organize, run, and complete administration duties. These volunteers can divide the Tuesday match day into to shifts of 2 PM to 4 PM and 4PM to 9PM and must be covered each and every week there are matches.

The volunteers are required to collect and record fees received, call the lines, collect the scores and report any difficulties with equipment.

Without new volunteers, the league future doesn’t look good.

Please email fwmichel@att.net or call 201-488-8369 if you are interested.


Fred Michel.

Tue, Feb. 4


2012/13 memberships expired on July 1, 2013.

(See membership tab on left for complete details and renewal forms)

Members who do not renew or request they be put on inactive status by Sept 15, 2013 will be assessed a $25 late fee. Failure to renew - dues, form and applicable late fee by Nov. 1, 2013 will result in your being dropped from the membership. We have a waiting list of people who wish to join. Note - if you are made inactive you can rejoin at a later time without another initiation fee. If you are dropped, you will have to pay the initiation fee and retake the orientation if you ever want to rejoin.

Bullseye League

The Centerfire bullseye league will start on Tuesday, February 4. See the Bullseye Pistol tab at left for more information.



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